The Illustrated Hand, 3rd edition

The Illustrated Elbow

The Illustrated Shoulder, 2nd edition

An excellent patient education tool and clinical resource.  Upadated and expanded flip charts.  The flip chart pages are displayed on a durable 8 x 10 inch acrylic stand.  The pages are easily removed for patient education copies. Commonly displayed in the exam rooms for patients to browse while waiting for the doctor or clinician.  Because they are vertical, they require minimal table surface.  

A usefule marketing gift when visiting your hand surgeon.

Computer exercise programs are a wonderful tool, but sometimes you want it simple, fast and easy.  

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  • Includes:
Juncturae Tendinum     Cubital Tunnel     CMC Osteoarthritis     Ganglion Cysts     DeQuervain's     Wrist Ligaments     Mallet Finger
Boutonniere     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome     Flexor Tendon Unit     Finger Pulleys     Extensor Compartments     Sagittal Band
Swan Neck     Wrist Bones     Dupuytren's     TFCC     UCL     Intersection Syndrome     Extensor Mechanism     Digital Ischemia
  • Includes:
Bursae     Cartilage Histology     Cartilage Articular     Elbow Skeletal     Nerves / Arteries     Ligaments     Muscles    
Olecranon Bursitis     Medial / Lateral Epicondylitis     Cubital Tunnel     Elbow Fracture Chart     Distal Humerus Fracture
Olecranon / Radial Head Fracture     Coronoid / Monteggia Fracture     Growth Plate     Medial Elbow Injuries     Triceps Tendonitis    
Osteochondritis Dissecans     Distal Biceps Tear     Medial Collateral Ligament Injury     Radial Tunnel Syndrome        
  • Includes:
Skeleton     Ligaments     Rotator Cuff Muscles     Bursa     Shoulder Muscles     Adhesive Capsulitis     Impingement
Subacromial Bursitis     Rotator Cuff Tear     Shoulder Stability / Instability     SLAP / Bankart Tears     
Shoulder Dislocation     Bicipital Tendonitis     Calcific Tendonitis     Sternoclavicular Joint     Humeral Fractures     
Acromioclavicular Joint     Clavicular Fractures     Progression of a Stiff Shoulder     Shoulder Arthroplasty